PCB Assembly

To your specification we can supply through-hole and surface mount assembly on a variety of substrates. FR4, IMS ( metal backed ) or flexible are types we are very comfortable with. We have the experience to ensure a quality product is delivered on time.

All of our PCB Assembly is to IPC standards 1, 2 or 3 and we can accommodate the majority of sizes and shapes of PCB. To ensure the assembly is free from any contaminants they are washed in an ultrasonic tank.

Many of the assemblies we produce require protective coatings. We can offer various varnishes and conformal coatings. We also offer potting / encapsulation using epoxies or polyurethane resins.

Cabling, harnesses and crimping are services we also offer.

PCB Assembly Details

Through hole assembly is performed automatically by independent axial and radial Universal machines. Surface mount is handled by our Mirae and Dima placement machines. Whichever technology your PCB requires our PCB assembly equipment delivers accurate repeatable results time after time. We also have an experienced team of hand assemblers to complement the automatic equipment.